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A Different Outlook

Steve was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and adopted through Christian Salvation Services. When he was born, Steve was not breathing and needed to be resuscitated. At 3 months old, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Accomplished Life

Steve is now a motivational speaker and has spoken over 500 times at 30 colleges, high schools, conferences and municipalities across Washington state, as well as, internationally in Taiwan. He is also an accomplished athlete. He started competing in 2007 and, in his first year at nationals, he broke three records. He’s been on Team USA three times for IWAS and won two medals--a bronze medal in 2008 for shot put and a gold medal in the Czech Republic in 2010 for discus.

Humble Beginnings

A living example of inspiration and overcoming limitations that society sets, Steve Ferreira brings a new perspective to living life beyond, and with, a disability. Beyond Disabilities advocates for people with disabilities and strives to inspire all people to accomplish their own goals. Steve’s workshops help the community gain an understanding of living with a disability or perceived limitation and rising beyond it.

our Message

Steve delivers his message in a relational, factual and fun way to challenge the community to rise beyond their limitations and achieve their goals with a true sense of worth and accomplishment.

Our Story
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